Post No. 12 — Koningsdag

  The first clue that the annual national frenzy was upon us was when I saw the guy standing outside the Albert Heijn grocery store with a orange paper crown on his head.  Then I noticed that our favorite fish vendors had been moved out of their customary spot in the Friday market because a […]

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Post No. 9 — “Smoke”

I sat in the barbershop chair contemplating the reality of my receding hairline. Why not just let him do anything he wants with it? God knows I was seeking to avoid the dreaded ‘comb-over’ like the plague. He, by the way, is Ali. I had gone online to search for a barbershop to go to. […]

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Post No. 8 — Remembrance

This post is about Remembrance.  And thinking about it, you can’t have remembrance without time.  The passage of time.  So to be more precise, this post is about time and remembering — all wrapped up in our recent week-long visit to London and Scotland.  (And speaking of time, this is a longer post than usual, […]

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Post No. 6 — Back to School

We knew THEY were coming. Before we even arrived in the Netherlands, we understood that THEY were the reason that the city of Groningen sports the lowest average age of its citizens of all the cities in the Netherlands.  THEY are the university students that claim a full 20% of the population of this city […]

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Post No. 5 — 14 x 33

For the first 5 weeks of our stay in the Netherlands, my wife Janet, daughter Elyse and I lived in a 4th floor studio apartment in the city of Groningen.  The total area of the apartment was approximately 14 ft x 33 ft  (or I should say 4.2m x 9.9 m!) .   Here’s a view […]

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